Jessica’s Sock Monkey

March 21, 2013

The first sock monkey was so fun, I just couldn’t stop. So, what makes this sock monkey different from the last? Didn’t you know, sock monkeys each have their own personality. Not to mention, the yarn was different, the color variations, and the intended recipient.

My niece, Jessica, was turning eleven this past December. She’s on that cusp of knit dolls and monkeys possibly being too young for her. I considered that this may be the last time I get to knit her something like this, unless it’s done commemoratively. I believe she’d like to receive more knit creatures well, but she might sigh and perhaps wish I’d knit her a potato chip scarf or some fancy fingerless gloves she can show off to her friends. So I began the adventure of the next sock monkey.


I chose different yarn, Deborah Norville’s Serenity collection for this knit creature. This yarn is still acrylic, but double stranded four-ply. It can be a minor challenge to knit with, but it is pretty and solid. I found a pretty green, blue and purple yarn that I thought was called Seven Seas.  It had been tagged incorrectly when I went back for another skein. I did not realize I’d need a second skein of this yarn, as I was using the same Vanna’s Choice in Barley for the rear and the muzzle.

When I returned to purchase the second skein of yarn, I was concerned they may have labeled the yarn wrong entirely. Finally, I found the Spring color after bringing a partially finished monkey into Jo-ann’s and matching them up. Fortunately, dye lots were not a big issue. But dye lots can be another blog.

Since this Spring colored yarn was variegated, it made simple stripes between one and one and a half inch stripes, depending on the size limb I was knitting. It turned out pretty cute, in my opinion. It also had the double strand feature which I liked. There was less concern of stuffing sneaking through the stitches or a child’s hands causing it unintended damage. Its another reason to use acrylic. Depending on the yarn, I find acrylic is best reserved for toys or dolls. I have used some to have a capelet crocheted for me. However, I would not recommend acrylic for items worn close to the skin, on the feet, or all day wear. It makes for a nice soft stuffed creature, however.

 Now to accessorize said soft creature. Somewhere in the process, since this takes about three weeks to a month to knit–longer if I am working on other projects, or working full-time. I was not working, so I had time to think through the accessories. I still kept them simple. I decided to buy the yarn for another sock monkey for my youngest niece. I picked out a color called Cotton Candy. It was yellow with pink. My youngest niece always reminds me of the color yellow. Though she prefers purple to pink, which I was reminded of later.


Whatever the preferences, the monkey had been knit and needed a hat and scarf to complete the pattern. I finished them quickly and easily, though it doesn’t feel quick and easy when you are trying to finish a sizable pattern and have a deadline and must add in four to five days for mailing.

No matter the deadlines, or project size, I enjoyed the finished product, as did my oldest niece. When she called to thank me, I tried to carefully inquire, and she thought her younger sister would like one for Christmas.  Thankfully, I was planning one for her birthday in February.


One Response to “Jessica’s Sock Monkey”

  1. bonniezink Says:

    I love your sock monkey! The colours are fun and funky.

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